Virtual Workspaces

Offer your team mobility in their work space

Currently end users take advantage of new devices to work, they access to Windows applications, and from other operating  systems and they have more mobility than ever. Companies stop being four walls and several desks each one with a computer

the virtual application solutions and remote desk software, allow the IT departments to have a new and better strategy for delivering, protecting and administrating visual desks with Windows or Linux using cloud configurations. At the same time they allow to control the expenses annd help guarantee that the end users can work anywhere, anytime and with any device.

The virtual desks are stored in virtual machines based on a central server

Virtual desk Infrastructure (VDI)

The Virtual desktop infrastructure is defined as the storage of desk environments in a central server. Is is a type of desk virtualization that relies on specific desk images to be executed on virtual machines (VM) and they are delivered to customers in a network. these terminals can be PCs or other devices like tablets or light user terminals.

How does VDI work?

The following characteristics are applied to all the implementations of VDI:
The virtual desks are stored in virtual machines based on a central server
End users must be connected all the time to the server, so they can keep the access to the virtual desks that are stored there.
Each virtual server includes an image of an operating system, Generally MS Windows.
The connection agent for the VDI implementation looks for a virtual desks on the resource group so each client can get connected after they manage to access the VDI environment.
Virtual machines are based on hosts, this means that multiple instances can be stored in the same server on the data center.
While a hypervisor creates, executes and administers the different virtual machines from the host that contains the individual virtual desks
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Business process automation:

Forget repetitive processes regarding document management, Optimize and automatize invoices, contracts, orders, etc. all of it from its own document management system. FlexIOT helps you make this a reality.

Collaborative environment:

FlexIT EMC allows for the shared use of files and content inside the company.

Security, Risk management and information control:

Security controls with rules. policies and access lists that define and limit the access to registered content.

Search and Recovery:

Find the contents you are looking for within secods by using filters, tags, metadata reduccing the time that your employees spend looking for physical documents-

Contents Storage:

Your document management is not only a document storage system. It also works as a digital library, with training material, videos, photos, event evidency,manuals, etc putting information within the reach of all your team.

Central File:

Don’t  lose control of your company´s vital information. With FlexIT ECM you can have a central file for your documents and this will allow you to assign permissions and controls.
FlexIT has the best specialists on different platforms to provide assistance and help you in the implementation of your projects

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