Create an access portal for all the functions that your company has, in a customized way and within the design of your business. FlexIT has access to tools that allow us seamless integration of the users.

What do you need in a corporate intranet for your business?


1. Clean Design, functional and easy to use

We need to be clear, if your work team does not like how it looks, they are not going to use it, so, Why create an intranet if no one is going to use it? Manage your corporate brand, work with designers that understand it and the culture of your company. Today you need to take mobile devices into account or at least make the design responsive that easily adapts to different screen sizes and multiple devices.

2. Employee directory

This is the most requested element by customers, an employee directoryup to date. This module can be as simple or complex as you requiere, but remember, the more information you provide, more people will depend on it. Also it can double as a social hotspot for interaction between teams or people.

3. Event Calendar

A good strategy to make employees come back to the intranet is publishing information of interest, like an event calendar, holidays or birthdays. Using a shared calendar or a corporate social network, for this type of communications reduces the use of email and the reply to all chains that are not very popular.

5. Online Forms

You want to have high traffic on your intranet? ofer online forms that help you start corporate processes. Some of the most requested forms are:

  • Vacation time request
  • Expense reports
  • Certificate requests (work, legal, etc)
  • Purchase orders


7. Good contents

If you want a succesfull intranet, and that people want to use it, you need to provide relevant information, day to day use documents, and dynamic content that keeps up to date automatically from different areas of the intranet to the home page. For example a lot of intranets provide tools for project and document management. Using the same software for several functions guaranties eployees usage every day.

4. Document storage

The communications and documentos of the company should be accessible on the intranet. this helps the employees review up to date documents at any time and to provide automatic reminders to the management team so they can review these documents, helping the company stay in compliance.

6. Searches

If people cannot find the information in the first two tries, the searches gets frustrated. A good search engine and a good strategy are the key pieces at the moment of starting an intranet. Content searches, metadata, date filtering and document type are very important details as they give the users the posibility of locating an especific document almost immediatelly.

8. Function consolidation

  • Help Desk
  • Equipment registry
  • Report and statistics creation

A lot of the intranet platforms like Sharepoint , provide the workflow engine to automate multiple business processes without the need of additional software.

Benefits of a Corporate Intranet


Time and costs savings. Even if it requires an investment to make it work, at mid term it starts saving time and costs, For example when customers have the information available in a single place, they reduce time searching for the information that they need, using this time in other tasks-


Communication is centralized in a single environment.


Improves security: A well implemented intranet is completely safe for the company and its employees. Also you can offer certain information to certain groups of users, avoiding unauthorized employees to access information from other departments.


Increases the collaboration and productivity between employees. An intranet can be the means for employees of different departments to work together in a faster and efficient way and to create synergies between them using forums or corporate social networks.


Knowledge Base: The creation of a Wikki or forums can help the employees to spread their knowledge


Company image improvement towards its employees. If a company has an Intranet and it uses it to manage vacation requests, issue announcements, material or instalation reservations, Customers will finf internal procedures, easyer to folllow and this will improve theview they have of the company.


It can be connected with company data bases and other applications, it can also interact with active directories and employee directories.


No hour or space limitations. Its open all the time and accessible by all employees including those on a trip or working on customer installations.


Education, in can be used as a tool for employee education.

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