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FlexIT helps you establish efficient processes for the reception, production, distribution, retention storing, preservation and final disposition of vital documents for your company using automatic processes and accessing the information at every level in your company
When an employee leaves your company, you have issues trying to locate the documents (digital and physical) that he had access to.
Looking for information in physical files is time consuming and boring
In your company there are documents that need to be accessed by several people, but you have no clue on who has the physical copy of the document
Internal processes are hard to track and make it difficult to know where the physical document is Recover physical templates
The transfer of document in the internal processes makes them get deteriorated or lost.

40% of an employee’s time is used in handling non essential documents (1) 20% of an employee’s time is used looking for printed documents (2) 30% of the searches for information of the employees or ineffective, but the time is lost anyway (2) 40% of the documents and processes are repeated from scratch even when someone from the company has already done them or has predesigned forms for them. 

(1) PWC. Price Waterhouse Coopers. Document Management. the hidden treasure of your company.
(2) IDC survey 2018

Our Solution


Business process automation:

forget repetitive and mechanical processes regarding document management, optimize and automatize invoice, contract, and order processes, all of this form your own document management software. FlexIT helps you make this a reality

Corporate Environment:

FLEXIT EMC allows you to have file and content sharing within the company or it can be integrated to the preferred software or collaborative  modules.

Security, Risk Management and Information Control:

Security control with rules, policies and permissions that define and limit the access to records.

Search and Recovery:

Find what you’re looking for in seconds, thanks to the use of filters, tags, metadata. Reducing the time that your employees use to look for the physical documents in your company.

Content Storage:

Your Document management system not only performs as a document repository, It also works as a digital library wit training courses, event evidences, photos, videos, manuals, etc.this makes the information reachable by all your employees.
Flexit-gestion-documental-Espacios Virtuales de Trabajo

Central File:

Don’t allow the information in your company to get out of control . with FlexIT EMC you can have a central repository that allows you to assign permissions and better control your information.

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