Office solutions

Offimatic solutions are a set of applications and software used to optimize, automate and improve business management tasks. The idea is to simplify the processes of your company, helping with employee management, giving them defined processes for easy internal management and making it easyer to do more tasks with less resources, allowing technology to search for adecuate solutions that fit your needspara su necesidad.

Document management

FlexIT helps you establish efficient processes for the reception, production, distribution, retention storing, preservation and final disposition of vital documents for your company using automatic processes and accessing the information at every level in your company.
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Create an access portal for all the functions that your company has, in a customized way and within the design of your business. FlexIT has access to tools that allow us seamless integration of the users.

What do you need in a corporate intranet for your business?

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At tem moment , companies need to leave behind obsolete telephone services, they need to evolve towards an integral Cloud IP communication solution, this will allow them to reduce costs and improve on efficiency, performance and productivity.
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Flexit-gestion-documental-Espacios Virtuales de Trabajo

Virtual Workspaces

Currently, end users take advantage of different devices to work, they access windows apps and from other operating systems, and they have more mobility than ever. Companies stoped behind 4 walls and desks with computers.
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Flexit-ofimatico-servicios-Reporteria y BI

Reporting and BI

Convert your companies Data in new and better business opportunities.
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