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Why use RFID?

RFID (Radio Frequency identification) is an efficient wat to transmit data and to track elements. An RFID system is composed of tags, printers and readers (fixed or portable)

RFID technology makes it possible to build solid solutions for use in different industries and for different applications

RFID is used in construction, engineering, chemical industries, fabrication, retail, logistics and public sector, however, the value added by RFID varies for each industry.



Lower costs and better productivity

RFID applications can automatize information gathering about the movement and the use of assets, components, istock or other articles, while it reduces the costs at the same time, all this can be done with great detail because RFID tags can store a hundred times more data than code bars. Because RIFD Readers can read up to 200 tags at the same time, the data gathering can be a dependant of other activities as it eliminates the need to fill forms. Product ID based on RFID is faster than the scanning of barcodes or the manual typing of the product info.


Improved quality for data gathering

The use of RFID means that the data can be gathered faster and better. Electronic collection of data using RFID avoids mistakes and typos and reduces the loss of elements when used to collect data on big volumes of articles

Reduced costs

RFID technologies help reduce costs by providing better control of stocks or assets. They can help track business assets, such as test equipment, shipping packaging, computer technology, and other portable devices.


Improved security

The access control systems based on RFID contribute to improve security on retail stores. the RFID tsgs help with the control of inventori reduction, and the tags can help figth retail theft.


Increase your income

By reduciing the difference between the stock you think you hsve and the stock thats really avaliable and when you offer improved information on product movement to the customers. Compsnies use RFID can provide a more competitive service and promotes customer satisfaction.

Shorter proceses

Because RFID technologies can be integrated to other technologies of the sales chain (Warehouse management, product selection systems, etc) the time form purchase order to delivery can be shortened

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