Cloud Infrastructure


IaaS - Cloud Computing

Move all your information to a cloud environment and forget about physical infrastructure and you won’t have to keep it current Forget about infrastructure management, FlexIT has storage services where we are responsible for the storage, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure

IaaS Characteristics:

  • Automated admin tasks
  • Dynamic sizing
  • Platform virtualization
  • Internet connection for the business applications

Not all companies are ready for a cloud environment Cloud services reviews the needs of your business, operative readiness and the technical and security characteristics, to be able to set a path that will take your business to a cloud model

flexit-Virtualización de Centros de Datos

Data center virtualization

Virtualization is the first step in the construction of a datacenter defined by software SDDC Flexit Helps you consolidate your loads and to virtualize your services and applications, reducing operating and maintenance  costs.

We are experts on several areas like servers, storage, network, Operating systems and security. we also have certified and up to date professionals  for the main manufacturers .

flexit-Virtualizacion de Redes

Network virtualization

Our virtualization consulting services, allow your company to face the next step towards a software defined Data Center SDCC Network virtualization will allow you to get functions from hardware like Tuteo, firewall, load balancing, VPN and other network and security services. Our experts will a company you in all the steps, from design to implementation so your projects can have a guaranteed success. We have the best specialists with all the needed certifications for the major market brands.
flexit-Computación de Usuario Final (EUC)

End User Computing:

Create work spaces using virtualization solutions, in other words, all the applications and data that people need to work, to be accessible from any device, anywhere FlexIT is here to help you with the construction of work spaces that revolve around the end users and mobility, insuring the performance and security from any device anywhere. Allow your team to access what they need to be able to finish their tasks from wherever they are. Bring down the walls in your company, make it grow as you never imagined, flexit is here to help you
flexit-DR - Disaster Recovery

DR - Disaster Recovery

Global warming, terrorism Dos Attacks, Pandemics, earthquakes, virus… Is your company ready to survive a disaster? FlexIT helps you define a disaster recovery plan (DRP), to guarantee that your applications and critical services are always in compliance with the SLA of your business-


  • Operative risk administration systems

Identification, Control and monitoring using Baseline rules and local or international rules.

  • Information security management system

Adequate protection of the information based on ISO 27001 regulations

Keep the Confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information intact

  • Business community management

Protect the personeel and the corporate assets

Operating sustainability

Restarting the critical processes

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